AP Invoices Automated


Automatically generate AP invoices when subcontractors submit pay apps online. Premier automatically routes the invoice to your project manager’s inbox for approval, rejection, or modification.

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Simplify Bank Reconciliation

Take the pain out of reconciling your bank accounts. Align your financial data with your bank statement. Premier auto-recognizes matched transactions for reconciliation.


Premier's accounting capabilities and the visibility across all projects and company accounting have played a pivotal role in maintaining our financial health as we grow as a business

Seamless Project Claims


Streamline claims for construction projects, spanning CM at-risk, cost-plus, T&M, and fixed-price projects. Easily generate industry-standard forms and customized claims reports for clients & lenders.

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Send Lien Waivers with one click

Effortlessly generate lien waivers at invoice and/or payment and email them to vendors for quick online signature capture. Customize conditional and/or unconditional forms tailored to each project and/or location.

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