J. Corsi Developments

Here’s how J. Corsi Developments reduce costs and improve their time savings by 25% to confidently take on more business.

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About Client


J. Corsi Developments is an award winning, family owned and operated home and condo builder with decades of construction experience. With the goal of streamlining their business processes, reducing their reliance on multiple software, and enhancing their overall efficiency, J. Corsi Developments quickly realized a change was necessary.

They began their search for a single software solution that could meet both their job cost and accounting needs. As the end of their search concluded, J. Corsi Developments decided to leverage Premier Construction Software to unify their software system and handle their construction software needs moving forward.


Previous Software

  • Sage

  • Quickbooks

  • Uda

  • Micorosft Excel


Previous Challenges

  • Lack of integration

  • No real-time reporting

  • Inaccurate data

  • Manual processes and human error


Premier Solutions

  • All-in-one solution

  • Real-time reporting

  • Unlimited document management

  • Cost-plus billing

The time savings Premier affords is great, and really allows us to confidently take on more work knowing we have the backing of a solid software system.

Richard Corsi, Vice President


The Problem


Before making the switch to Premier Construction Software, J. Corsi Developments was using a combination of software. Between Sage, QuickBooks, UDA, and Microsoft Excel, performing basic tasks was not only time consuming, but also extremely inefficient.

As Richard Corsi, V.P. at J. Corsi Developments stated, “Because we were using so many different solutions, I was constantly switching back and forth between software and I wasn’t able to accurately tie our job costing numbers to our accounting.”

The Solution


With Premier implemented, J. Corsi Developments has already seen their business improve in many facets. With regards to reporting specifically, J. Corsi Developments now saves about a week a month creating and generating their reports, which represents a 25% improvement in time savings.

Aside from reporting, they are also experiencing time savings benefits throughout the business, as Richard Corsi stated, “The time savings Premier affords is great, and really allows us to confidently take on more work knowing we have the backing of a solid software system.”

The Benefits


Since partnering with Premier, J. Corsi Developments has effectively eliminated the need for two separate accounting software as well a job costing software,and has also reduced their usage of Microsoft Excel.

As Richard Corsi stated, “The hassle we experienced using multiple software was a key driver in making the switch to Premier. Simply loading each software system every morning wasted a lot of our time, and backing up data every night required even more time. With Premier, we have a single software solution that can handle both our accounting and job cost needs, and it’s been great for us.”

1. Reduced costs

Cut down your costs by reducing multiple systems to an all-in-one solution.

2. Increase in efficiency

Reduce wasted time jumping between software by having all your information in one place.

3. Get accurate real-time reporting in seconds

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can securely access your data from any device.

Final Thoughts


By making the switch to Premier, J. Corsi Developments is now operating a more productive and efficient business overall. By getting up and running with Premier in only three weeks, they were able to avoid costly downtime and maximize the full potential of Premier right from the start.

Since deploying premier, they have reduced their reporting time by 25%, allowing them to perform more tasks and take on increased amounts of work. With Premier, J. Corsi Developments has a truly integrated and automated cloud construction software solution that is fully capable of handling their business needs today and moving forward.