Secure by Design:
Your Data, Protected Right

Our Primary Customer information is primarily stored within the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, securely, and protected with a number of safeguards including Encryption at Rest and Geographic Replication. Live Data is stored within Azure SQL and customer-uploaded documents are stored in Azure Blob Storage. Third party storage facilities are maintained to further mitigate any extremely unlikely potential risk of severe data loss; any third party engagements are stored with similar stringent security policies and encryption protocols. The geographical placement of our Primary Application-based Customer Data and Document storage of Customer Data is contingent upon your Head Office location at the point of inception. These vaults of data are strategically positioned in Canada, the United States, UK or Australia, mirroring your organizational footprint.

Premier diligently upholds a comprehensive high-availability strategy aimed at shielding our valued customers from potential software anomalies, hardware setbacks, and even the impact of extensive natural calamities. To ensure steadfast resilience, Premier employs multiple live replicas of the application software, coupled with routine off-site data replication, effectively enhancing data redundancy and continuity. In line with our unwavering commitment to uninterrupted service, we maintain a dynamic system of active geo-replication for all major services that we extend. This affirms our dedication to sustaining a seamless experience and airtight data protection.

Premier implements data encryption standards akin to those employed by prominent online banking institutions. Our approach ensures that data at rest is meticulously encrypted and securely stored in a robust cloud infrastructure.

At Premier , we aspire to serve as your comprehensive destination for Construction Resource Planning. Currently, our integrations are limited to direct partnerships and the Microsoft Office suite of tools. The integration with Office is meticulously maintained through our proprietary in-house developed add-ons, adhering to the same stringent encryption protocols observed across our primary website and mobile services. Any utilization or storage of data via third-party applications not expressly sanctioned through our product and solutions offerings, as well as partnerships, falls exclusively within the purview of the customer’s independent direction. We deeply value your security, and while we endeavor to ensure airtight protection within our domain, any actions or choices beyond these boundaries remain the sole responsibility of the customer.

At Premier, our commitment to security is unwavering. We subject ourselves to rigorous, annual independent security audits. These comprehensive evaluations encompass a thorough assessment of our software practices, and team, spanning technical penetration testing and examination of our personnel resources. Our dedication to maintaining the highest security standards extends to mandatory internal security training courses and regular internal compliance audits. Notably, our hosting partners, boasts an industry-leading compliance portfolio. For further insights into the array of inherent compliances provided by Microsoft Azure , we invite you to explore the details here: .

Microsoft Azure is our paramount cloud partner, harnessing its suite of services to uphold uncompromising high availability. This involves the deployment of multiple service instances and seamless automatic failover to geo-redundant services, ensuring resilience. Our architectural foundation is rooted in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), a destination that affords us unparalleled scalability and uptime. By opting for this approach, we navigate the landscape with enhanced agility and mitigated concerns commonly associated with alternative solutions prevalent with the competitive market. For deeper insights, Microsoft’s SLA (Service Level Agreement) serves as a testament to our commitment to providing dependable services. To explore the specifics, we encourage you to delve into Microsoft’s SLA link here:

During transmission, data is secured through encrypted channels employing industry-standard SSL. Date at rest receives complete encryption without our data centers. Any offline backup storage, whether outside Azure, is subjected to supplementary encryption prior to storage.

Premier employs a dual-layer authentication approach. User/Password authentication, forms the foundation, complemented by an optional hardware-based 2FA using YubiKey for enhanced security. Account recovery is facilitated through a multi-step process, leveraging services such as SMS and email verification.

Certainly. Premier actively supports and suggests the usage of YubiKey, a FIDO-compliant solution, for authentication purposes. The ultimate determination regarding the implementation of 2FA rests with our customers. It’s a configurable option that can be enabled or disabled at the administrative client level, allowing flexibility based on specific needs.

Certainly, Premier empowers administrators with flexible access management customization within the product. This extends beyond simply determining which product functions are accessible, operating on both individual and role defined levels. Administrators wield comprehensive, granular control over access to crucial elements such as company or job access, document security, special actions and document security.

Live Customer Data is wholly stored within the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. In an unlikely scenario where our primary redundancies encounter a setback, undisclosed third-party partnerships come into play, ensuring additional cold-storage fail-safes. All data is stored encrypted at rest. The geographical placement of both Primary Storage and Document storage pivots on the physical customer location of our customers and their initial sign-up date.

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